The Soap Bubble, Handmade Soap in Clinton, Illinois

meLori Martin, owner of “The Soap Bubble,” started creating handmade soap in her Clinton, Illinois kitchen in 2010. What started out as Christmas gifts for friends and family has turned into an exciting, creative outlet. Her scent combinations for soaps, scrubs, fizzies, and lotions are sure to soothe and delight.

The Soap Bubble’s handmade bath and skincare products are high quality and beautiful. The soaps and lotions are glycerin-based which makes them mild and good for most skin types. They are designed to be gentle on the environment as well. With a nice range of pleasing scents and different shaped soap molds, we have something for everyone. Women, men, and kids alike will be overwhelmingly pleased with the aromatic scent combinations in soaps of many shapes and sizes. Our large bars of soap are about six ounces, and smaller guests soaps range from two to three ounces. We make our soap to order so the product we send is as fresh as possible.

If you have a special request please feel free to contact us at (217) 671-5147